40 years of literature

Since our beginnings as a Swiss independent publishing house in 1975, we have added to our catalogue innovative writers who create new worlds and strong atmospheres. It comprises different collections:

The "Domaine français" includes francophone Swiss writers from the "patrimoine" as well as the new generation, who stimulate and enrich the discussion about contemporary literature. Among them, the bestselling titles by Nicolas Bouvier (Le Dehors et le Dedans) and Agota Kristof (L’Analphabète) stand out: they have been translated into more than twenty languages. These great figures are followed by promising young talents such as Elisa Shua Dusapin, Arthur Brügger, Max Lobe and Aude Seigne.

The "Domaine alémanique" represents in their French translations the most prominent voices of German speaking Swiss writers such as Matthias Zschokke, Lukas Bärfuss, Robert Walser and Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

The "Collection Ecrits d’ailleurs" presents works by anglophone writers from the Commonwealth and the diaspora whose distinct voices reflect on their often mixed identities and conflictual existence in a globalised world. We thus publish Helene Cooper, Olive Senior, Richard Wagamese, Ivan Vladislavic and many more in French.

"Zoé poche" is a paperback collection of some of the greatest Swiss authors, and the 100 tiny booklets of "Minizoé" allow readers to discover Swiss literature in no more than 64 pages.

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Translation – Funding and Support by Pro Helvetia

Pro Helvetia aims to make contemporary Swiss arts and culture accessible to audiences in different linguistic regions, both within Switzerland and abroad. In order to raise international awareness of Swiss arts and culture, Pro Helvetia supports the translation of Swiss literature and publications on topics related to Swiss arts and culture into languages from all over the world.

More informations here https://prohelvetia.ch/en/translation-funding-and-support/

rights sold

2014 - 2013 - 2012

Publisher: El Karem
Year: 2013
Territory : LEBANON
Language: Arabic

Piano chinois
Publisher: Alphabeta
Year: 2013
Territory : Japon
Language: Japanese

La lenteur de l'aube
Publisher: Textpublishers
Year: 2013
Territory : RUSSIA
Language: Russian

La Maison de Sugar Beach
Publisher: Livre de poche
Year: 2013
Territory : France
Language: French (Mass market paperback)

Un roman russe et drôle
Publisher: FluidFree Fly
Year: 2013
Territory : RUSSIA
Language: Russian

La Joyeuse Complainte de l'idiot
Publisher: Editions SONM
Year: 2013
Territory : Bulgarie
Language: Bulgare

Deux soeurs
Publisher: Verlag die Brotsuppe
Year: 2013
Territory : GERMAN WORLD
Language: German

Flirren am Horizon
Publisher: Nagel und Kimche
Year: 2013
Territory : Suisse
Language: Allemand

Publisher: Modrijan Publisher
Year: 2013
Territory : SLOVENIA
Language: Slovenian

Chinski fortepian
Publisher: Noir sur Blanc
Year: 2013
Territory : Poland
Language: Polish

Der Bergmann und der Kanarienvogel
Publisher: Rotpunkt Verlag
Year: 2013
Territory : Suisse
Language: Allemand

The Analphabet
Publisher: CB Editions
Year: 2013
Language: English